Unification Education

Unlike other unification education (UE) programs, the NKSC’s UE program allows students who have lived in North Korea to directly interact with South Korean middle school and high school students and share their experiences and views on reunification. They tell their personal stories with the aim of educating South Korea’s younger generations about the realities of life in North Korea. The UE program is carried out in schools all around South Korea, in which local students are given the opportunity to ask questions directly to North Korean defectors. 

1.     It is a unique workshop which introduces the North Korean cause to the classroom agenda 

  • University students who have been brought up in North Korea share their stories with the South Korean youth.

2.     An interactive presentation with audiovisuals 

  • Students are able to better grasp and understand life in North Korea through creative visuals and videos.

3.     Small group sessions

  • Smaller sessions allow students to ask questions to defectors.

General Information

Period: 2011-present

Target: Middle School and High School Students

2011: 16 workshops

2012: 76 workshops

2013: 80 workshops

2014: 36 workshops

2015: 27 workshops

2016: 20 workshops

2017: 30 workshops

Student Feedback

‘To be honest, I didn’t really know a lot about North Korea or have any interest in the country. However, after this workshop, I started thinking a lot about it. I didn’t really think anything about the need of unification before. I hope that our countries unify and that the barriers between North and South are lifted.’  Park Hye Jin (Daegu Haknam High School)


‘Will I ever have another opportunity to talk with North Korean defectors? I felt like I was able to relate more to the defectors through this workshop. Now that I saw the difficulties that defectors face, I was able to understand the realities of North Korea. Now I will treat defectors with more warmth and be more open to them.’  Lee Arim (Haywon Girls High School)

The following pamphlet is handed out to students:

Unification Education in Schools

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