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Report [6.12.2007] - The Committee for Democratization of North Korea

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26 Dec 2017
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The Committee for Democratization of North Korea has released a report addressing the distribution of rice donations from the South Korean government. The inquiry enlisted the participation of 250 defectors who arrived to South Korea after 1998 and settled in the Seoul area. They were asked to fill out a survey  designed to gather information on how the relief was managed by the North Korean government  and whether it reached people in need of assistance. In addition, the committee has decided to incorporate six interviews featuring former high-ranking officials, a member of the Pyongyang upper class and a former resident of Nampo.

The South Korean government has been offering assistance since 1995 in the form of 15.000 tons of rice per year and, starting with the year 2000, this number has increased to over 40.000 tons. However, the report has found that out of the all 250 participants, only 7, 6% (19) people received the aid. 

The interviews have also exposed the fact that more than 90% of the rice quantity was being distributed to the People’s Army, in order to support war preparations. This confirms the findings of the survey and reveals the reason why only 7.6% of the respondents have received aid.



 The original report can be read in Korean.

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