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Seminar [2013.5.24] Human rights awareness and North Korean people contact with foreign information.

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26 Dec 2017
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This was a Seminar hosted by NKSC. It was divided in two sessions each presented a speaker and a personal testimony of a North Korean defector. The seminar topic was "The current situation of the North Korean people's contact with external information and the change of their awareness of human rights".

The first speaker mainly discusses the theoretical bases available to understand how the contact with foreign media can influence any change in the North Korean people's perception of their environment and their human rights situation. The speaker analyzed the impact that South Korean media has on North Korean defectors in their decision to leave the country. It shows how giving North Korean people access to foreign information allows them to comprehend and integrate values such as personal freedoms, democracy, economic independence, gender equality, love and interpersonal relationships, etc.

The second speaker focuses on the necessity of disseminating information in the North and makes a general review on how the dissemination of foreign information has influenced North Koreans since the division of the peninsula. It also argues that material to help the people keep up with changes around the world is necessary. In this manner, North Korea society has begun changing from the bottom.

Report in Korean language.

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