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How to cure the tailbone pain of cold war in Northeast Asia

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23 Nov 2017
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'My grandfather, who was born in 1905, had three brothers. The eldest, the postmaster of the town, was kidnapped by North Korean Red Army during Korean War, and the youngest, a Captain of South Korean Army who used to be Japanese Emperor’s Army, was killed in action during the same war.

My maternal grandmother, who was born in Pyongyang, the capital city of North Korea, had fled to Seoul, South Korea during the Korean War. Out of her eight siblings, only two made to the South, and she could not know whether the rest of them were still alive or dead in the North until she died in last winter of 2010.

My father, who was born in 1942, served as a Marine Corps Officer during the Vietnam War, and many of his colleagues were severely wounded by the war not only in their bodies but also in their souls.

I, who was born in 1974, served in two armies in nineties: South Korean and the Eighth United States Army stationed in Korea. The three generations of my family fought three wars – Pacific, Korean, and Vietnam War – and served in three different armies – Japanese, South Korean, and American.'

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