Information Dissemination


The repressive North Korean regime has been holding the North Korean people hostage since the end of the Korean War. With a complete lack of improvements concerning its citizens’ social situation, North Korea presents to the international community a grave and pressing cause for concern. The government controls any flow of external information into the country in order to maintain the civilians’ divinized allegiance to the Kim family and prevent any potential of dissent. Therefore, the NKSC aims to empower North Koreans in their struggle for freedom and justice against the government’s oppression and dire human rights violations.


Our Strategy

Since 2008, the NKSC has been working towards breaking the North Korean government’s monopoly over the influx of external information through sending various multimedia content into the country. Such content consists of external hard drives containing foreign movies as well as American and South Korean drama series, documentaries, newspaper articles, and radio show recordings. These allow North Korean civilians the exposure to the outside world from which they have, thus far, been denied by the regime. Sending external information into North Korea is essential in undermining the authoritarian dictatorship and empowering the North Korean people towards increased freedom. In fact, many defectors recall watching foreign media content while living in North Korea. Exposure to information pushes North Koreans to understand their natural need for and entitlement to freedom in their country. With every USB and external hard drive sent to North Korea, we hope to give North Korean civilians a spark of hope. We believe that this spark will lead to political empowerment for a free and open North Korea.

Content sent into North Korea via USBs, external hard drives, and second-hand smartphones:

Movies & TV Shows
Movies & TV Shows

Other Content

·         English lessons, news articles, offline Wikipedia.

·         Videos teaching the concepts of the free market.

·         Movies recounting historical facts about the Korean War

·         Videos teaching concepts of human rights and democracy in an easy-to-understand way.

·         Videos showing examples of prosperity attained through democracy and economic development.

Although the body can be tied up,

Thoughts cannot be tied up!

This is our strategy.

Sending information to North Korea

Pictures taken inside of North Korea 

To that place we want to support but are prevented from,

To the closest but also the farthest place

We will embrace freedom and go in!

About NKSC

The North Korea Strategy Center is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization. We envision a free and open North Korea that upholds the fundamental human rights of all its people in a healthy democracy.


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